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Back copies

Past issues of Concilium are available to purchase individually. Order online from SCM Press or call +44(0) 1603 785910.



2017/1: Diverse Cultural and Religious Ways of Thinking
Edited by Thierry-Marie Courau & Carlos Mendoz-Álvarez

2017/2: Reformation: A Global Perspective
Edited by Marie-Theres Wacker, Felix Wilfred & Andres Torres Queiruga

2017/3: Minorities
Edited by Daniel Franklin Pilario, Susan Ross & Solange Lefebvre

2017/4: Mercy
Edited by Lisa Sowle Cahill, Diego Irarrazaval & João Vila-Chã

2017/5: Literature and Theology
Edited by Maria Clara Bingemer, Solange Lefebvre, Erik Borgman & Mile Babic



2016/1: Journeys of Liberation
Edited by Maria Clara Bingemer and Luiz Carlos Susin

2016/2: Families
Edited by Susan A. Ross, Lisa Cahill, Erik Borgman, and Sarojini Nadar

2016/3: Suffering and God
Edited by Luiz Carlos Susin (c), Solange Lefebvre, Daniel Franklin Pilario, and Diego Irarrazaval

2016/4: Religious Freedom
Edited by Thierry-Marie Courau, Mile Babić, and João J. Vila-Chã

2016/5: Revision of Canon Law
Edited by Felix Wilfred, Andrés Torres Queiruga, and Enrico Galavotti



2015/1: Religion and Identity in Post-Conflict Societies

2015/2: Young Catholics Reshaping the Church

2015/3: Globalization and the Church of the Poor

2015/4: Theology, Anthropology and Neuroscience

2015/5: Silence


2014/3: The Return of Apocalypticism

2014/4: Christianity, Consumption and the Market

2014/5: Corruption

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Inspection copies

As a service to lecturers, all Concilium issues are available FREE on inspection to teaching staff in higher education institutions.

To request an inspection copy please email An evaluation form will be included with your inspection copy/ies. Please complete and return this form within 28 days of receipt.