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About Concilium

Concilium Journal is deliberately based on Scripture and the history of salvation. At the same time it has the humble courage to confront the new problems arising from the human conditions of today. It seeks, on the basis of our contemporary situation, a better understanding of the Word of God for man and the world of our time. A theological insight of this kind is necessary for anyone who, acting in faith, is actively engaged in the Church and in the world.

- Edward Schillebeeckx and Karl Rahner


Concilium was founded in 1965 by some of the leading theologians of the time: Anton van den Boogaard, Paul Brand, Yves Congar OP, Hans Küng, Johann Baptist Metz, Karl Rahner SJ and Edward Schillebeeckx.

Concilium exists to promote theological discussion in the spirit of Vatican II, out of which it was born. It is a catholic journal in the widest sense: rooted firmly in Catholic heritage but also open to other Christian traditions and the world's faiths.

It is published five times a year: in March, June, August, October and December.


Board of Directors

President: Thierry-Marie Courau
Vice Presidents: Linda Hogan and Daniel Franklin Pilario CM


Board of Editors

Susan Abraham (Los Angeles, USA)
Michel Andraos (Chicago/Montreal, USA/Canada)
Mile Babić (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Michelle Becka (Würzburg, Germany)
Maria Clara Bingemer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Lisa Sowle Cahill (Boston, USA)
Thierry-Marie Courau (Paris, France)
Geraldo Luiz De Mori (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Enrico Galavotti (Chieti Scalo, Italy)
Linda Hogan (Dublin, Ireland)
Po-Ho Huang (Tainan, Taiwan)
Diego Irarrázaval (Santiago, Chile)
Leonard Santedi Kinkupu (Kinshasa, Congo)
Stefanie Knauss (Villanova, USA)
Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator (Kenya, Nairobi)
Carlos Mendoz-Álvarez (Mexico City, Mexico)
Daniel Franklin Pilario (Quezon City, The Philippines)
João J. Vila-Chã (Rome, Italy/Portugal)
Marie-Theres Wacker (Münster, Germany)
Felix Wilfred (Chennai, India)



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